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  • Each side has equal time and members can yield to other members who wish to speak.
  • He was put in charge, the previous committee yielding to his greater experience.
  • Studies in Germany showed that even a higher yield could be reached.
  • The product of the average information rate and time yields total information transfer.
  • So he refused them fresh water and they had to put out to sea again or yield to capture.
  • If two vehicles want to turn left, the vehicle on the left is to yield.
  • New Zealand used the British system, and it too yielded two large parties.
  • Even when all cells have been used, garbage collection may yield additional free memory.
  • The recording sessions also yielded several songs that did not appear on the album.
  • It can be many years before a producer will start to see better yields than he/she has had previously before.
  • On the other hand, it also yields information about the group.
  • Players may attack any number of territories any number of times before yielding the turn to the next player.
  • He forced her into hard labour and reduced her food and drink but this did not cause her to yield.
  • The condition can be extended to any fixed number of colors, yielding further games.
  • At times, one part of the survey may not have yielded the evidence one wanted to find.
  • Applied to public life, this approach yielded several successful campaigns for changes in social policy.
  • Shearer's eight games yielded only five points out of a possible twenty-four.
  • They generally do not kill the host plant but can severely reduce growth and yield.
  • A year after its release, the album yielded an unexpected hit single.
  • The German contract concluded after one year, yielding no plans for production.
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Meaning of yield

  • noun An amount of a product
  • verb Be the cause or source of
    He gave me a lot of trouble, Our meeting afforded much interesting information
  • verb Give in, as to influence or pressure
  • verb Bring in
    interest-bearing accounts, How much does this savings certificate pay annually?
  • verb Cease opposition; stop fighting
  • verb Consent reluctantly