written form

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  • Nothing of his has come down to us in a written form.
  • The episode eventually fell through and never made it past written form.
  • They may also be used to write languages with no previous written form.
  • What I have to say here today I have put in written form. Cited from Northern Nut Growers Association, Twelfth Annual Meeting, by Various
  • Instead of this, it is proposed to change the written form. Cited from A Librarian's Open Shelf, by Arthur E. Bostwick
  • American Indians in this area did not develop a written form of language.
  • That is to say that written forms generally change more slowly than the spoken language does.
  • Teachers who could speak the local language had no training in its structure or written form.
  • The language was first put in written form in the 1980s.
  • Many had never previously been published in written form.
  • Several ways to represent sign languages in written form have been developed.
  • There is also a considerable difference between the spoken and written forms of the language.
  • The teaching probably existed ages before it was set down in any written form. Cited from The Upanishads, translated by Swami Paramananda
  • We had to do a brief commercial in written form.
  • The standard was not preserved in a written form to which the people had access. Cited from The Old Roman World, by John Lord
  • Until lately, little effort was made to record the language in written form.
  • Many languages have no written form, and so are only spoken.
  • No small portion of it, indeed, is in written form. Cited from The Governments of Europe, by Frederic Austin Ogg
  • Thirty-five years passed before further reforms were brought to the Japanese written form.
  • Comprises the best of what Washington has left to us in written form. Cited from A Mother's List of Books for Children, by Gertrude Weld Arnold
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