would attach

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  • No court of law would attach any weight to what she might say. Cited from The Dash for Khartoum, by George Alfred Henty
  • No duty, no title would attach me any longer to earth. Cited from Louisa of Prussia and Her Times, by L. Muhlbach #7
  • The time was to come, however, when he would attach much importance to it. Cited from Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers, by V. Appleton
  • But I had no idea of the meaning they would attach to it. Cited from The Ashiel mystery, by Mrs. Charles Bryce
  • When he reached the trees, everyone he cut down would attach itself to its roots again.
  • I felt sure that you would attach some importance to the jewel-case. Cited from The Ghost, by Arnold Bennett
  • It was a question to which leader he would attach himself. Cited from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4, by Various
  • He must know, however, just what power and revenue the emperor would attach to the proposed title. Cited from Charles the Bold, by Ruth Putnam
  • A little attention would attach them all to you. Cited from Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Volume 2, Matthew L. Davis
  • Well -- the meaning that I hope any one would attach to it if they used the word of me. Cited from Three Comedies, by Bjornstjerne M. Bjornson
  • In the beginning, the monkeys would attach to each other and begin to play.
  • She would attach the pages together, illustrate the cover and bound the results into a book.
  • Most likely, a standard of strict liability would attach to speech under this section.
  • It is not, perhaps, a denial to which one would attach too much importance in all the circumstances. Cited from Scaramouche, by Rafael Sabatini
  • If he were a stranger seeking to accomplish a particular purpose, he would attach to those letters only a secondary importance. Cited from Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin,Gentleman
  • By intrinsic interest is meant the interest which would attach to an object quite apart from its place in the space composition. Cited from Harvard Psychological Studies, Volume 1, by Various
  • His solution was to develop a belt that would attach the camera to the body.
  • That the French would attach the greatest importance to it and gain the greatest advantage from it, there can be no doubt of. Cited from The Crime Against Europe, by Roger Casement
  • You see, of course, what significance would attach to United States cavalry going into Mexican territory. Cited from Desert Gold, by Zane Grey
  • To this gift, however, he would attach a condition. Cited from The Leading Facts of English History, by D.H. Montgomery
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