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  • This area is mostly made up of very old one and two story wooden buildings.
  • Much of the wooden city was replaced by buildings in the classical style.
  • The house is a three-story wooden building within a garden.
  • Until the mid-1980s, there were many two-story wooden houses around the square.
  • The name of the system is that of a traditional wooden club from Ireland.
  • Originally it also had a wooden door, banks, a table and a chair.
  • Originally, all of the seats were wooden, with each level having a different color.
  • The eastern parts of the city, consisting mostly of wooden buildings, were destroyed completely.
  • The core of the structure is a three-story wooden building, which was the first part built.
  • It is a three-by-three-bay two-story wooden extension with a flat roof.
  • An entire block of stores composed entirely of wooden buildings was destroyed.
  • The house she was born into was a reddish, two-story wooden structure.
  • There are also two wooden bells in the museum that measure about two feet.
  • She thought he was a wooden actor while he considered her a snob.
  • There were wooden defense buildings consisting of two levels and armed with good weapons.
  • The city consisted of one and two story wooden buildings, surrounded by a number of villages.
  • A small wooden church was first erected in the community, followed by a second church that built of stone.
  • Towards the right end they pass over a curved wooden bridge.
  • The experiment seemed to work better on a wooden table than a marble table top.
  • They were unable to save her leg, so they carved a small wooden one for her.
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