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  • I would wonder why people would go up to the front after the service.
  • Charles and his collection of single friends wonder if they will ever get married.
  • He was widely described as a one hit wonder even before the single.
  • It is so far their only hit, thus making them a one-hit wonder.
  • The song was the group's only hit making them a one-hit wonder.
  • They began to wonder if they should change the band's course.
  • He wondered when he should be able to get it out of her. Cited from Bessie Costrell, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • A one-hit wonder is a person or act known mainly for only a single success.
  • A one-hit wonder is a person or act known mainly for only a single success.
  • The song proved to be a one hit wonder for the band.
  • Although the album sold well, many still wrote the group off as a one-hit wonder.
  • He wondered who lived behind the mountains and what it looked like there.
  • You actually wondered whether you would finish the film before you went broke.
  • It is a place of beauty and wonder lost to the rest of the world.
  • Naturally one might wonder to what use this information should be put.
  • Let this great wonder of nature remain as it now is.
  • I always wondered what my left hand was supposed to be doing though.
  • I have often wondered what under the sun they could have been. Cited from Memoirs, by Charles Godfrey Leland
  • Everything that people have wondered about me, they'll now get to see!
  • She wondered what one can do if one wants to get a happy life.
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Meaning of wonder

  • noun The feeling aroused by something strange and surprising
  • noun Something that causes feelings of wonder
    the wonders of modern science
  • verb Have a wish or desire to know something
    He wondered who had built this beautiful church
  • verb Place in doubt or express doubtful speculation
    I wonder whether this was the right thing to do, she wondered whether it would snow tonight
  • verb Be amazed at
    We marvelled at the child's linguistic abilities