with immense

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  • There were ten thousand men in advance of us, with immense baggage trains. Cited from The Citizen-Soldier, by John Beatty
  • That function Charles the Second had performed with immense success. Cited from History of England, James II V. 3, Macaulay
  • He dressed with immense speed, as though that would hasten the coming of the evening. Cited from Jeremy, by Hugh Walpole
  • Sandersen seemed to turn this fact over and over in his mind, with immense satisfaction. Cited from The Rangeland Avenger, by Max Brand
  • Yet, in spite of these wants, he wrought on the nation with immense power. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 9, No. 51, January, 1862, by Various
  • She is a practical woman with immense executive ability. Cited from Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897, Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Having taken up the work, which occupied most of the summer, Sir Charles threw himself into it with immense energy. Cited from Life of Charles W. Dilke, Vol. 2,Stephen Gwynn
  • Jack, with immense pride, took out his watch and prepared to act as timekeeper. Cited from Acton's Feud, by Frederick Swainson
  • It will be read with immense pleasure on its own merits. Cited from Life of Henry Reeve, by John Knox Laughton, Vol. 2
  • The officer on the bridge took off his cap with immense politeness. Cited from Captains Courageous, by Rudyard Kipling
  • He had finished his researches, and revealed the results to me with immense satisfaction. Cited from The Lost Naval Papers, by Bennet Copplestone
  • Even though it was a space with immense market potential, previous products had not enjoyed any notable market penetration.
  • The English reserved their fire until the enemy were within forty yards of them, when they gave it with immense effect. Cited from The Life of George Washington, Vol. 1 (of 5), by John Marshall
  • The term can also be used to describe a similar reaction when confronted with immense beauty in the natural world.
  • "I may go now, then?" she repeated, with immense relief. Cited from The Black Box, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • She made a tour through Germany, during which she met with immense success, and then returned to Paris to continue her studies. Cited from Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday, by Henry C. Lahee
  • He has described Van Ginkel as an engine with immense physical power.
  • He had entered the house with very little hope, and quitted it with immense despair. Cited from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo
  • With immense difficulty this was lowered to the spot which the boys had reached. Cited from Jack Archer, by G. A. Henty
  • Colonel Washington was advanced in front; and, with immense labour, opened a way for the main body of the army. Cited from The Life of George Washington, Vol. 2 (of 5), by John Marshall
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