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  • This animal was something like a little boy, only, instead of clothes, he was covered with hairy fur. Cited from Squinty the Comical Pig, by Richard Barnum
  • They have no visible eyes or ears; in fact, they are blind - the small eyes are covered with hairy skin.
  • The adult plant is one to three feet in height with hairy, rough leaves about a centimeter wide.
  • Each flower contains seven to eight pale yellow stamens with hairy white filaments.
  • The place was crowded with hairy diggers -- mostly successful, he learned presently. Cited from In the Roaring Fifties, by Edward Dyson
  • Its head was large and round, and surmounted by long ears with hairy tassels at the end. Cited from Black Bruin, by Clarence Hawkes
  • Growing to high and wide, it is a semi-evergreen perennial with hairy, divided leaves.
  • The oblong leaves are wide by long, with hairy undersides when young.
  • It is an erect annual growing to tall by wide, with hairy stalks and leaves.
  • Moths are typically brown or grey, with hairy legs and bodies.
  • Growing tall by broad, it is a cormous perennial with hairy leaves long.
  • Hair whorls can occur on animals with hairy coats, and are often found on horses and cows.
  • Its surface is covered with hairy fibers (especially near the base), and its mature color is a dark chestnut brown.
  • This is a perennial plant with hairy stems which may approach half a meter in height.
  • The inflorescence bears usually one or sometimes a few large flower heads, each lined with hairy, pointed phyllaries up to long.
  • The inflorescence contains several flower heads, each lined with hairy green phyllaries.
  • It is a shrub with hairy leaves and white flowers.
  • The inflorescence bears several leaves and one or more flowers with hairy leaflike sepals.
  • The flower has an upper and lower lip with hairy stamens and style protruding.
  • The animals resemble large, dark rats with hairy, thick tails like those of a squirrel.
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