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  • Info Willingly is a duet by country music singer Willie Nelson and Shirley Collie, produced by Joe Allison during Nelson's third session for Liberty Records.
  • Many local farmers willingly gave up their land to make this project possible.
  • It won't appear to those who destroy willingly - they serve its cause already.
  • They willingly help them as they are more experienced in life and have obtained greater knowledge.
  • They would willingly have died with him, had they been able.
  • Whether he did so willingly is still a matter of some debate.
  • Leadership can be defined as one's ability to get others to willingly follow.
  • Johnson had willingly given his life in order that his comrades might live.
  • She tells him she willingly gave up these activities but has now grown to resent him.
  • They will willingly turn on one another if necessary.
  • As they grew up, they were expected to help out in or around the hotel, and willingly did so.
  • Some citizens could not believe that anyone would willingly defend such a man.
  • He willingly participated in the Great Books movement both in an outside the university.
  • Therefore he has left nothing to posterity which the world would not very willingly let die.
  • Sex work is work and there are many people who willingly choose it as a job/career.
  • As such, she has willingly released several of her songs for free download from her website.
  • She willingly shared her dreams which made her seem even more peculiar.
  • The power to change forms willingly is eventually bestowed upon the player in the game.
  • Those who participated willingly attended political education classes and performed manual labor.
  • They know what real love feels like, and it becomes clear that they would both willingly die for the other.
  • But as time goes on she starts to tie herself willingly to him.
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Meaning of willingly

  • adverb In a willing manner
    I willingly accept