will relieve

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  • I have already spent many hours here without knowing when day will relieve the night. Cited from Best Russian Short Stories, by Various
  • I will relieve you now if you will let me. Cited from Children of the New Forest, by Capt. Marryat
  • I hope you may, as it will relieve your mind from various fears about me. Cited from Canada and the States, by Edward William Watkin
  • If you can watch till two o'clock I will relieve you. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • This is one of many ways in which an old servant will relieve his mind. Cited from The Open Door, and the Portrait., by Margaret O. (Wilson) Oliphant
  • I am busy now, but I will relieve you before very long. Cited from The Captain's Toll-Gate, by Frank R. Stockton
  • At the same time, I will relieve you of some of the responsibility. Cited from Jezebel's Daughter, by Wilkie Collins
  • I will relieve you now, if you let me. Cited from The Children of the New Forest, by Captain Marryat
  • Just pass your hand over my forehead; it will relieve the pressure upon my brain. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov, 1857
  • When your father comes I will relieve you of my hated presence. Cited from An Original Belle, by E. P. Roe
  • Our object is to offer every facility to the gentlemen who will relieve us of our silver. Cited from Murder in Any Degree, by Owen Johnson
  • Give us the word that will relieve us all. Cited from Plays by August Strindberg, Second series, by August Strindberg
  • You will relieve one of them and look after the sheep. Cited from The Pony Rider Boys in Montana, Patchin
  • When you get to the top of the pass, perhaps some one will relieve you -- perhaps so, perhaps not. Cited from The Shadow of a Crime, by Hall Caine
  • It will relieve your feelings, and no one will be much hurt. Cited from The Outdoor Girls in a Winter Camp, by Laura Lee Hope
  • I will relieve you from all embarrassment by simply saying I cannot be your wife. Cited from Iola Leroy, by Frances E.W. Harper
  • But in any case, it will relieve my anxiety greatly to know that your course is laid down. Cited from In Times of Peril, by G. A. Henty
  • But you will find, as other women have found, that marriage will relieve all these discontents. Cited from V. V.'s Eyes, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • This will stop the chilly cold feeling and also will relieve the pain. Cited from Mother's Remedies, by T. J. Ritter
  • It will relieve you to hear that I wish to keep sentiment out of any business we have together. Cited from The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmith, by Arthur Wing Pinero
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