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  • The song was first released in France as a single where it was wildly successful.
  • Thus different sources give sometimes wildly different accounts of the number of languages within a family.
  • English soldiers brought it back to their homeland where it became wildly popular.
  • The number of police officers on the force varied wildly during this period.
  • He gave the series low marks overall, feeling its quality varied wildly each episode.
  • All three of these writers represent wildly different schools of thought.
  • Each novel contains the same or mostly similar characters, though these characters find themselves in wildly different circumstances in each story.
  • They were the first wildly popular band of the "new" beat music.
  • He began to wildly weave across the road before he fell down.
  • The program has grown wildly, playing to packed houses nearly every day.
  • Since the show's debut, it has been wildly popular.
  • Here it is stated that everyone must enjoy themselves, dance and party wildly.
  • This resulted in a wildly different plot from both of the original sources.
  • In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print.
  • Published information regarding her age and date of birth is also wildly inconsistent.
  • Hobart got away with community service and the club became wildly popular.
  • This garden was wildly popular and a place to be seen.
  • Soon we see the audience from his point of view, cheering wildly for him.
  • The assumptions made in the first half about their parents are shown to be wildly different.
  • These films were wildly popular with the public and the critics.
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Meaning of wildly

  • adverb To an extreme or greatly exaggerated degree
    the storyline is wildly unrealistic
  • adverb In an uncontrolled or unrestrained manner
    He gesticulated wildly
  • adverb With violent and uncontrollable passion
    attacked wildly, slashing and stabbing over and over