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  • According to those who adhere to this concept, a man is supposed to control the women in his family.
  • Those who adhere to the first view maintain that wood cut in summer is quite different in composition from that cut in winter. Cited from The Mechanical Properties of Wood, by Samuel J. Record
  • Jacobi, who adhered to my side through everything, and always with an interest that made its own way for her. Cited from The Diary and Letters of Madam D'Arblay Volume 2
  • There were, however, differences of opinion among those who adhered to the Republican Party. Cited from Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 2, by Boutwell
  • The following extracts well express the views of those who adhere to the common theory on the subject. Cited from Mosaics of Grecian History, by Willson & Willson
  • Natural selection has practically no effect at all in exterminating those who adhere to this idea. Cited from Recent Tendencies in Ethics, by William Ritchie Sorley
  • Alqosh of course also houses many individuals who adhere to their own philosophies.
  • Those who adhered to the Roman interest, on the approach of the king, withdrew from the city. Cited from The History of Rome; Vol III, Books 27 to 36, by Titus Livius
  • Corporate members who adhere to specific requirements set by the Institute may also become accredited.
  • And now, as to those who adhere to me at present, I take them affectionately by the hand. Cited from Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete, by Washington Irving
  • Smaller still is the share of the population who adhere to non-Christian faiths, or none at all.
  • Are they among the party of those (no small body) who adhere to the system of 1766? Cited from Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12), by Burke
  • Often women are portrayed as either those who adhere to the feminine ideal, and those who do not.
  • His father was a wealthy physician and a Protestant who adhered to no particular organized church.
  • This theory has been mostly discredited in recent years, but there are still some people who adhere to it, at least to some degree.
  • It would not be easy to pick out any one teacher who adheres consistently to any of the three forms of instruction described. Cited from The Psychology of Singing, by David C. Taylor
  • Those who adhere only externally to these institutions are merely nominal members. Cited from Luther Examined and Reexamined, by W. H. T. Dau
  • All who adhered to him and did his bidding were his soldiers; all who declined to follow his lead, he regarded as enemies. Cited from Dr. Dumany's Wife, by Mor Jokai
  • It also allowed the king to dismiss many of his opponents who adhered to the old mythology.
  • According to her observations she was the one person in the universe, excepting her father, who adhered to the truth. Cited from A Romance of Billy-Goat Hill, by Alice Hegan Rice
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