white cowl

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  • "White cowl and white cloak, Chain-mail and hard stroke." Cited from The Fall Of The Grand Sarrasin, by William J. Ferrar
  • Friar Martin cut and trimmed a leek with great care, yet surely here was no reason for his eyes to twinkle within the shadow of his white cowl. Cited from Beltane The Smith, by Jeffery Farnol
  • The Legend of the White Cowl also fits into the Third Rome ideology in Russia of the time.
  • His dark eyes, gleaming from under his white cowl, looked at me with a searching enquiry as though he expected me to speak, but as I continued to keep silence, he smiled. Cited from The Life Everlasting, Marie Corelli
  • The White Cowl or hood became a special symbol unique to the Archbishop of Novgorod.
  • Monks were pacing silently up and down the corridors that surrounded it, and one after another raised his shaven head higher over his white cowl, to cast a look at the new pupil. Cited from A Word Only A Word, by Georg Ebers, v1
  • And over his other garments he was clothed with a white cowl, so that in the form and the candid color of his habit he showed his profession, and proved himself the candidate of lowliness and purity. Cited from The Most Ancient Lives of Saint Patrick, ed. by James O'Leary
  • One night, he had a vision of a radiant youth, who told him that Constantine gave Pope Sylvester I a White Cowl for the glory of the Church.
  • The Legend of the White Cowl asserts the historical and religious inevitability of Russia's place as the heir to the Byzantine Empire's temporal and religious authority.
  • In fact, a church council in 1564 confirmed the right of the archbishops to wear the white cowl and use red wax seals on their correspondence (the latter privilege had previously been reserved for the grand prince and patriarch).
  • Indeed, a condemned thief with the rope about his neck, and the white cowl tied over his eyes, to say nothing of his hands yerked together behind his back, and on the nick of being thrown over, could not have been more thankful for a reprieve than I was, at the same blessed moment. Cited from The Life of Mansie Wauch, by David Macbeth Moir
  • The Legend of the White Cowl is a Russian Orthodox story first recorded by the monk Philotheus of Pskov in 1510.
  • In the mid-16th century, the monastery was heavily fortified and attained a position of great importance and celebrity, owing to its learned hegumen, Philotheus of Pskov, who is credited with authorship of the Legend of the White Cowl and the Third Rome prophecy.
  • Because the P-47 was the only radial engined allied fighter, the danger of other allied fighters mistaking it for the Fw 190 caused VIII Fighter Command to have white cowl bands painted on the noses of P-47s after March 1943.