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  • She calls out but her call is repeated from the surrounding woods by a whispery voice.
  • Maybe if I'd said it sort of whispery like you and father it would have been all right. Cited from Rilla of Ingleside, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • Then I can study up here where it is all cool and breezy and whispery. Cited from The Girl Scouts at Home, by Katherine Keene Galt
  • Her niece's face was so pale, her eyes so dark, her voice so whispery and strained. Cited from To Let, by John Galsworthy
  • When the women returned they were mysterious and whispery. Cited from Irish Fairy Tales, by James Stephens
  • "Ain't it pink and white and whispery to-day?" she said to herself. Cited from Miss Gibbie Gault, by Kate Langely Bosher
  • They have high pitched whispery voices and can scare humans into death.
  • It draws to a whispery close all too soon!
  • Still he ran, his breath unlabored yet coming in whispery aspirations from his great lungs. Cited from The Quirt, by B.M. Bower
  • As a result, the voices of these individuals often sound weak, quiet and breathy or whispery.
  • Ramon swung back into the shadow, reached out his two arms to fold her close and got nothing more substantial than another whispery laugh. Cited from The Heritage of the Sioux by B. M. Bower
  • His vocals, sometimes whispery, would be buried in the mix.
  • He also appeared in the original ClayFighter, but with a more whispery and creepy voice.
  • If it is done while the performer is in normal playing position, the sound produced is quiet, whispery and a bit squeaky.
  • He has an emotionless, cold, calculating mind and speaks with a whispery voice.
  • She sings in a low, whispery voice and hits many off-key notes throughout the album, which makes a listener cringe.
  • In the original film, several wires peel back the skin around her neck, causing her to have a raspy, whispery voice.
  • Impressed by Seyrat's whispery voice, Driscoll asked her if she'd be interested in writing some songs together.
  • It consists mostly of "toned-down" songs that were sung in a "soft, near-whispery volume."
  • Entranced by Seyrat's whispery voice, Driscoll asked her if she'd be interested in writing some songs together.
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