whisper to

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  • What did she mean when she whispered to him that she knew best? Cited from Dead Man's Plack and an Old Thorn, by William Henry Hudson
  • How they whispered to each other to ask if such a word was right! Cited from Marjorie at Seacote, by Carolyn Wells
  • Why do you whisper to each other that which you will not let me hear? Cited from Jane Sinclair; Or, The Fawn Of Springvale, by William Carleton
  • He also whispered to me that he had another project in the works.
  • At last all seemed so still that they took heart to whisper to each other. Cited from Cormorant Crag, by George Manville Fenn
  • But she immediately turned them again on her mother, and whispered to her something. Cited from The Awakening, by Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy
  • And just then some one whispered to him that gold would rise fifty points. Cited from The Puppet Crown, by Harold MacGrath
  • He would have left them alone then, but she whispered to him to come back. Cited from The Top of the World, by Ethel M. Dell
  • If she saw one girl whisper to another, she directly thought it was about her. Cited from Comfort Pease and her Gold Ring, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • If he were here, did any voice whisper to him of hope? Cited from The Castle Of The Shadows, by Alice Muriel Williamson
  • One of the officers who were standing by the general here whispered to him. Cited from With Lee in Virginia, by G. A. Henty
  • One of the officers who was standing by the general here whispered to him. Cited from With Lee in Virginia [US Civil War], by G.A. Henty
  • I heard them whisper to each other, and sometimes I caught their words. Cited from My New Curate, by P.A. Sheehan
  • His eyes are closed, and he whispered to himself but a moment ago. Cited from Marion's Faith, by Charles King
  • I'd just like to whisper to her that no one yet knows. Cited from Somewhere in Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • She always kept far enough away to be out of hearing when we whispered to each other. Cited from Basil, by Wilkie Collins
  • Some evil spirit must have whispered to them that we are here. Cited from The Lords of the Wild, by Joseph A. Altsheler
  • He whispered to her to go back to the room where she belonged. Cited from The American Baron, by James de Mille
  • It was as if everything had been whispered to him in the air. Cited from Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot
  • Something to-day has whispered to me that such an existence could not be permanent. Cited from Mr. Isaacs, A Tale of Modern India, by F. Marion Crawford
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