while bedridden

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  • He was ill "for about a month" and wrote the book while bedridden.
  • During his quarantine, his father brought home books and magazines for the young DuMont to read while bedridden.
  • Randolph did so while bedridden in his private railway car the "Pocahontas".
  • Dao Zheng is well known for her famous painting of Amitabha, which she painted while bedridden with cancer.
  • Frank Anderson became very ill with childhood rheumatoid arthritis in Toronto, and learned to play chess while bedridden.
  • While bedridden, Clouzot read constantly and learned the mechanics of storytelling to help improve his scripts.
  • He again had little money, and while bedridden with a fever learned from a letter that Elisabeth, the former object of his affection, was engaged to a cavalry officer.
  • While bedridden in his Rockford, Michigan, home, he founded Acting for Life, a private charity to help the homeless and others in need.
  • With help from research assistants and the Library of Congress, Kennedy wrote the book while bedridden during 1954 and 1955, recovering from back surgery.
  • Frank quickly became known for his spot on impressions of Columbo, the Seinfeld cast, Jonathan Winters, and many more which he mastered while bedridden after a painful back surgery.
  • According to Vernon, it was during this time that the "Bon Iver" moniker first entered his mind; while bedridden with mononucleosis hepatitis, he began watching the 1990s TV series Northern Exposure on DVD.
  • While bedridden, Hans pretends to apologize to Cleopatra and also pretends to take the poisoned medicine that she is giving him, but he secretly plots with the other freaks when to strike back at Cleopatra and Hercules.
  • While bedridden in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, on Friday afternoon, September 5, 1952, less than 24 hours before her death, she instructed Holtzmann to arrange for co-star Yul Brynner's name to be added to the marquee of the St. James Theatre, which included only Lawrence's name at the time.