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  • It was kept in use after the station closed as the line westwards was single.
  • Only the, which had a lead at that point, was still running westward.
  • As the line of settlement extended westward each spring, the fort lost some of its importance.
  • A purpose built car park is located beyond the hill on the right travelling westward.
  • Two main lines come westward out of Toronto and then meet up again in London.
  • They were divided into several groups, some of whom fled westward.
  • The second image shows the most likely (buried) westward path originally followed by the river.
  • Westward's programming was always published as a magazine for the public to access.
  • We then constructed huge ships and sailed on westwards towards the setting sun.
  • The community played a major role in the westward expansion of the United States.
  • From here on, it begins to head south-westwards out of the City.
  • The city expanded primarily westward where land was available and highways were built.
  • The army spent a month in Moscow but was ultimately forced to march back westward.
  • These marshes also extended westwards round the back of the site of the old town.
  • When the first settlers arrived, there were no Indians, as they had moved westward.
  • The two ships continued on their course westward and began dropping depth charges.
  • The attack resulted in a mass flight westwards towards the coast.
  • Leaving behind a remnant of their number, most of the population moved westwards.
  • This had proved popular and led to the new series Walking Westward.
  • The Black River flows westward along the south part of the town.
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Meaning of westward

  • adverb Toward the west
    they traveled westward toward the setting sun