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  • In doing so, it became the westernmost institution to ever win the title.
  • This is one of the westernmost sites where such a discovery has been made.
  • It is also sometimes considered the westernmost point in the Garden Route region.
  • It is situated in the westernmost part of the island, near the coast.
  • These tracks were served by a side platform to the east and an island platform between the two westernmost tracks.
  • It is also the westernmost mountain in Japan that is over in height.
  • Western New York is the westernmost region of the state of New York.
  • The camp is located at the westernmost point of the lake.
  • The parish is a fishing and agricultural district at the south-westernmost point of the island.
  • The town is the westernmost municipality in what was formerly East Germany.
  • Except for the westernmost tenth of a mile, the entire road is a limited access highway through town.
  • The westernmost two ice bodies are roughly equal in surface area.
  • However, the lake westernmost point is slightly west of the bigger lake.
  • It is the westernmost station only served by Green Line trains.
  • It is the westernmost below-ground station on the London Underground network.
  • The school is the westernmost building in the northern education complex on the outer edge of the city limits.
  • Finally, the westernmost track has a side platform and is used by all outbound trains.
  • As a consequence, the westernmost track was removed and the island platform converted to a side platform.
  • The westernmost section of the route is known as East State Street Extension.
  • It took its name from the westernmost of three large streams in the vicinity.
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