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  • Due to the town's north westerly location, it has long summer days.
  • Our object was now to make east in order to allow for the westerlies later on. Cited from Worst Journey in the World, Volumes 1 and 2, by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
  • Here the road turns towards a more south-westerly route again.
  • The club were then, the most south-westerly rugby league club in England.
  • The Santa river runs along the valley floor in a north-westerly direction.
  • On occasion a strong cold front will develop in summer and bring the westerlies further north than their mean summer position.
  • Instead, the depression turned to the north the next day under the influence of the upper-level westerlies.
  • As such following the overall direction of the trade winds and westerlies is still very useful.
  • The town or large village is situated at the most north-westerly tip of the island.
  • Just loop over the bridge but maintain the original south westerly direction.
  • It can be assumed that there was a strong westerly wind on the day of that battle.
  • This shot is along the South face and from a Westerly direction.
  • A number of figures from the history of sports were residents of Westerly.
  • It then follows a more or less westerly and then north westerly track to the sea.
  • It is the most north-westerly community in the European Union.
  • Watch Hill is a small fire district located in the town of Westerly within Washington County.
  • The road initially heads westerly then curves toward the south west.
  • After many days, at about 40 degrees south he discovered the westerlies and turned east.
  • It would maintain that generally westerly direction for the rest of its long path across the Pacific Ocean.
  • From the foot of Mount York the road resumed its westerly direction to where now stands.
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Meaning of westerly

  • adverb Toward the west
    we began to steer away westerly"- Daniel Defoe
  • adverb From the west
    the wind blew westerly