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  • Info Westbound is an adjective meaning "movement towards the west".
  • There was only a single two car train running on the North Westbound track.
  • At first, only the westbound side of the bridge was open to traffic.
  • Graham told the police that she saw two black males get into a white car and drive westbound.
  • A second stage to move the westbound traffic into the space made available required the construction of an elevated approach.
  • The span was closed for several hours, causing westbound traffic to back up for over six miles.
  • This is the last stop westbound to be on a grade-separated right-of-way.
  • Runners use both sides of the upper level of the bridge and the westbound side of the lower level.
  • It was originally constructed with side platforms and a single entrance serving the westbound platform.
  • The station only ever had a westbound platform, even though at its peak, fifty services a week stopped at the station.
  • The original westbound platform buildings remain, as does a small part of the original entrance to the left of the present station entrance.
  • After a rest of nine hours, he retraced his route with the westbound mail.
  • It would carry westbound traffic in the morning hours, and eastbound traffic during the afternoon/ early evening hours.
  • The right-of-way for the original westbound service road still weaves through the development on the north side of the road.
  • The route would have continued westbound to about France Avenue South.
  • The station remains as the final underground station for westbound travelers since its completion.
  • This building appears to have once been accessible from the westbound platform using a flight of stairs from street level.
  • The train ends its westbound journey by backing into the station.
  • The construction process consists of two phases, the first phase already completed (westbound traffic side).
  • Both westbound services call at, where connections are also available for and both main London termini.
  • Like at Penmaenbach it carried westbound traffic while the original road carried vehicles in the opposite direction.
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