were childless

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  • He was the son of parents who had been childless into middle age.
  • He and his wife being childless decide to bring her up as their daughter.
  • Those two years would have been childless years in any case. Cited from Stories from Everybody's Magazine, 1910
  • My brother, being childless, has allowed him to suppose that he was his own son. Cited from Hector's Inheritance, by Horatio Alger
  • Though formerly married, she was true to her kind in being childless. Cited from Fate Knocks at the Door, by Will Levington Comfort
  • Since the couple was childless, so they treated all the village children as their own.
  • The marriage was childless for eight years until a son was born.
  • All the brothers were childless but my father, and he had never a child but me. Cited from The Arabian Nights Entertainments, Vol. 1, by Anon
  • All the brothers were childless, except my father; and he had no child but me. Cited from The Arabian Nights Entertainments vol. 2, Anon
  • His mother's second marriage was childless and he never married. Cited from The Northern Light, by E. Werner
  • A husband might send his wife away either because she was childless or because he fell in love with another woman. Cited from Myths of Babylonia and Assyria, by Donald A. Mackenzie
  • He was said to be childless at that time of his life.
  • When he heard that she and her husband were childless, he blessed them with children.
  • Their marriage was childless so his next brother succeeded to his estates.
  • He was childless, that all children might call him father. Cited from Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers, by Elbert Hubbard
  • We are childless, and I have no one else to love, no one else to love me. Cited from An Ideal Husband, by Oscar Wilde
  • He was childless and was succeeded by his younger brother, the fourth Duke.
  • As they are childless, he hopes they will support his plans.
  • The marriage was childless, and her husband was succeeded by his brother John George.
  • I know from their kind warning that I shall soon be childless. Cited from Fort Lafayette or, Love and Secession, by Benjamin Wood
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