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  • It may be general or special interest, most often published daily or weekly.
  • That evening he was in his usual place in our weekly prayer-meeting. Cited from Forty Years in South China, by Rev. John Gerardus Fagg
  • Soon he became a member of the weekly's staff and then an editor.
  • Science in Action was a weekly half-hour television program devoted to science.
  • The series was broadcast as a weekly half-hour program, with four films shown per episode.
  • The movie was intended to be a pilot for a possible weekly series.
  • They rarely spent an evening out, if I except the weekly prayer-meeting. Cited from Laicus, by Lyman Abbott
  • Some clubs meet monthly, some meet twice a month, and some meet weekly.
  • The half-hour weekly program was prepared by students with the help of the Grace music department.
  • People would shop for goods at a weekly market in nearby towns.
  • All three characters would graduate to their own ten-cent weekly titles within a few years.
  • He did his job well and was able to become editor of a weekly newspaper, the News.
  • The season currently starts during the second week of March and runs weekly to late August.
  • It was a weekly paper and a new edition was available every Saturday.
  • A weekly half-hour CBS television series was based on the books.
  • It was a weekly half-hour music series.
  • There are also a number of smaller weekly and community newspapers.
  • OPEN is an Indian weekly English language magazine featuring current affairs.
  • Entertainment Weekly ranked it the third-best TV show of all time.
  • The stand-up comedy scene has been growing, with a weekly open mic.
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Meaning of weekly

  • noun A periodical that is published every week (or 52 issues per year)