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  • The last-named duty must have been a most difficult and wearisome one. Cited from The Mayflower and Her Log by Azel Ames v5
  • How wearisome music would be, if we knew only the major key! Cited from Fate Knocks at the Door, by Will Levington Comfort
  • And soon he would be driven forth again upon the cold wearisome way. Cited from Best Russian Short Stories, by Various
  • Seven miles was about as far as the eye could reach over this wearisome-looking level. Cited from Discoveries in Australia, Volume 1., by J Lort Stokes
  • I know nothing so wearisome when all things are made ready. Cited from Travels in Morocco, Vol. 1., by James Richardson
  • She has passed out of a single state which had become wearisome. Cited from David Lockwin--The People's Idol, by John McGovern
  • Our daily work was very wearisome, having to walk from four to six miles each day. Cited from A Woman's Life-Work, by Laura S. Haviland
  • It required a whole day to make ready for their wearisome march. Cited from The Great Salt Lake Trail, by Colonel Henry Inman
  • After this manner they lived for some time; but the place became wearisome at last. Cited from The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, by Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • It would be wearisome to record their talk, all the way up to the house. Cited from An Outback Marriage, by Andrew Barton Paterson
  • I have found them, as I no doubt shall find this place, wearisome. Cited from Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • I was once in bed for a whole month, and found it very wearisome. Cited from Weighed and Wanting, by George MacDonald
  • You know that was too wearisome for her to go by land. Cited from Slave Narratives; Arkansas, Pt. 1, by Work Projects Administration
  • He had much time, during those three long, wearisome months, to study himself, past and present. Cited from From Boyhood to Manhood, by William M. Thayer
  • The investigation that followed was far too long and too wearisome to be related here. Cited from The Guilty River, by Wilkie Collins
  • Some of you know how wearisome a holiday is when you cannot get to your daily work. Cited from Expositions/Holy Scripture: Ezekiel, etc., by Alexander Maclaren
  • I crossed my legs and tried to sleep until the wearisome business should be ended. Cited from A Book of Quaker Saints, by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
  • Husband, right long and wearisome are the days that you spend away from your home. Cited from French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France, by France
  • As taught in many schools she thought it was a wearisome subject. Cited from Monitress Merle, by Angela Brazil
  • Those two hours, moreover, with her husband in the morning became very wearisome to her. Cited from Phineas Finn, by Anthony Trollope
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