wave music

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  • The album was released at the height of the popularity of the new wave music movement.
  • The album contains songs in the early New Wave music style.
  • The song is a rock-electronic song with influences of new-wave music.
  • Individual members of new wave groups are not listed unless their solo work has had elements of new wave music.
  • The song is a mixture of pop, rock and new wave music.
  • He is considered as one of the most important exponents of Italian new wave music.
  • It was released at the height of the popularity of the New Wave music movement.
  • The song is heavily influenced by new wave music.
  • But they were more interested in making conceptual noise music with a beat than traditional new wave music.
  • They were one of the original punk jazz groups of the New York no wave music scene.
  • His career is wide-ranging, including new wave music to folk rock to solo acoustic performance.
  • During a certain period, the term new wave music was interchangeable with punk.
  • The shop became a popular venue for musicians and music fans who were interested in new wave music.
  • His expanded creative role for the next album was influenced by an appreciation for new wave music.
  • He also listened heavily to new wave music.
  • All were prominent members of New York City's short-lived No Wave music scene.
  • The song remains a popular symbol of new wave music and has been featured on numerous 1980s compilations.
  • In response, KNAC started to play more punk rock and new wave music.
  • The movie's release was accompanied by a double album soundtrack of punk rock and new wave music.
  • After fierce initial resistance, she became a punk rock and new wave music promoter.
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