wave after

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  • He managed only one wave after getting into his vehicle and did not smile.
  • They sent wave after wave up the slope to drive us out. Cited from The Broken Soldier and the Maid of France, by Henry Van Dyke
  • One wave after another passed under the boat. Cited from Seven Icelandic Short Stories,Various
  • Wave after wave broke over us in quick succession, keeping our standing-rooms full. Cited from The Romance of the Colorado River, F. Dellenbaugh
  • Wave after wave of trouble has passed over her. Cited from Christie Redfern's Troubles, by Margaret Robertson
  • The other letter referred to is from another father, over whom wave after wave of sorrow had passed. Cited from Making the Most of Life, by J. R. Miller
  • The pain in her body came up, wave after wave, burning. Cited from Life and Death of Harriett Frean, by May Sinclair
  • The early pattern of the game saw England launch wave after wave of attacks.
  • Wave after wave washed him further and further upon the beach. Cited from Story Hour Readers Book Three, by Coe & Christie
  • Wave after wave of intelligent activity had passed over the land. Cited from Ten Great Events in History, by James Johonnot
  • Wave after wave of men were mown down as they attempted to reach shore.
  • Wave after wave of infantry had gone forward and broken under its belching of death. Cited from The Tyranny of Weakness, by Charles Neville Buck
  • Now it comes rolling in upon me, wave after wave of sweet, solemn music. Cited from The Complete Works of John Greenleaf Whittier
  • On they came, wave after wave, like the waters of an irresistible sea. Cited from For The Admiral, by W.J. Marx
  • She buried her head in her hands while wave after wave of desolation broke over the lonely soul. Cited from A Beautiful Possibility, by Edith Ferguson Black
  • Wave after wave broke over the head of the drowning man. Cited from Debit and Credit, by Gustav Freytag
  • Out of necessity, the two teams work together to destroy wave after wave of doubles.
  • Her pity for Priscilla went through and through her in wave after wave. Cited from Life and Death of Harriett Frean, by May Sinclair
  • Wave after wave comes over, and prisoners are sent to the rear, if there are guards to take them. Cited from The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me,by W. White
  • Wave after wave of them come across in their field gray-blue uniforms and they never cower. Cited from Private Peat, by Harold R. Peat
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