water condensation

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  • During the first winter, water condensation and other cold weather problems led to one operational failure after another.
  • The design contained colorations that looked like water condensation.
  • Therefore, even very small fluctuations in temperature during storage or shipment may result in water condensation on the surface of both film and produce.
  • The exact process is described: Clouds are water condensation.
  • Highly breathable ventil cotton jackets and pants are typically used so as to avoid excessive internal water condensation.
  • In all cases, the housewrap is the last line of defense in stopping incoming water or exterior water condensation from getting into the wooden stud wall.
  • In addition to making the shock waves themselves visible, water condensation can also occur in the trough between two crests of the shock waves produced by the passing of the object.
  • The accident was caused by water condensation forming on some of the magnesium alloy fuel element components during shutdown and corroding them.
  • Nevertheless, in sweet gas pipelines, which are not so treated, any water condensation or any plant upset that could introduce water to the line will certainly lead to the formation of black powder.
  • This is to be contrasted to what happens in another well-known case of water condensation related to airplanes: the contrails from airplane engine exhausts.
  • The latent heat of water condensation amplifies convection, producing atmospheric phenomena such as wind, cyclones and anti-cyclones.
  • A new, controversial theory, suggests atmospheric gradients are caused by forest induced water condensation resulting in a positive feedback cycle of forests drawing moist air from the coastline.
  • Laser-assisted water condensation is an experimental technique for artificially causing rainfall that was developed in 2011 by scientists from the University of Geneva.
  • The Lightnings' engines were troubled by the addition of alcohol used as an anti-knock compound in their fuel supply; a British war economy solution which caused problems with water condensation on the ground and fuel line icing at altitude.
  • Petri plates are incubated upside-down to lessen the risk of contamination from airborne particles settling on them and to prevent the accumulation of any water condensation that may otherwise disturb or compromise a culture.
  • FitzGerald's recent work has been characterised as an attempt to convey vulnerability through images which are impermanent, transient and almost invisible (she often utilises smoke, grease and water condensation encased in plexiglass).
  • Petri plates are sometimes incubated upside down (agar on top) to lessen the risk of contamination from settling airborne particles and to prevent water condensation from accumulating and disturbing the cultured microbes.