was very close

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  • She is very close to her father but not to other family members.
  • I was very close to her as a great light broke over me. Cited from The Lost Continent, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Her step was very close when he heard it and turned his head. Cited from The Harvester, by Gene Stratton Porter
  • She also lost her father that year, with whom she was very close.
  • A little while before, she had been very close to becoming a woman. Cited from Fate Knocks at the Door, by Will Levington Comfort
  • It was built on four or five hills which were very close together. Cited from The Good Shepherd, by Anonymous
  • It was only when she was very close that she saw it was moving. Cited from Dangerous Days, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • It is generally used when a person is very close to death.
  • His sister and he have always been very close to each other.
  • They were very close to him and yet they did not touch him. Cited from And Thus He Came, by Cyrus Townsend Brady
  • In this area the water table is very close to the surface.
  • She is very close with her mother who has helped her enter the show.
  • If this system is working, the latter will be very close to the former.
  • He is very close to his daughter and she can talk to him about anything.
  • Four series are very close, within a single game of being even.
  • Southern nature, filled with sun and light, was very close to the artist.
  • In the main, however, it will be seen that the two are very close. Cited from Filipino Popular Tales, by Dean S. Fansler
  • He was very close to her now, and his eyes were looking into her eyes. Cited from If I Were King, by Justin Huntly McCarthy
  • The brothers were each born one year apart, so they were very close.
  • I should say that our house was very close to the airport.
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