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  • Info WARY (88.1 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a Variety format.
  • The band successfully recorded four songs, but they were wary about working in the same conditions again.
  • However, they become very wary in areas where they are often shot at or disturbed.
  • The birds are relatively more wary when the young ones are small.
  • Even when on the side of the law, players must be wary of enemies made along the way.
  • He taught me to accept nothing at face value, to question everything, above all to be wary.
  • They are wary of humans and will take flight in the face of danger.
  • She was always wary of a German attack, especially in the beginning.
  • Nevertheless the two men felt a wary respect for one another and managed to maintain a working relationship.
  • Although successful, he brought a more wary approach than usual to his unaccustomed position.
  • They looked no-one in the eye and were very wary of strangers.
  • It is difficult to find, but not particularly wary when located.
  • They are generally not wary, especially in the middle of the day during resting.
  • He is wary of their offer, and makes no firm promise.
  • The Canadian government was wary of this move, and offered nothing in the way of support for quite some time.
  • They are naturally wary of strangers, but once introduced they become instant friends.
  • He moved towards the door, and placed himself at one side of it in an attitude of the wariest attention. Cited from New Arabian Nights, by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • He was wary of getting the United States involved in a land war in Asia.
  • Harry's allies all seem to see right through her and are very wary whenever she is present.
  • These relationships result in her becoming wary of men and developing an aggressive nature towards them.
  • The American government has had a more wary approach, however.
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Meaning of wary

  • adjective Marked by keen caution and watchful prudence
    they were wary in their movements, a wary glance at the black clouds, taught to be wary of strangers