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  • As long as he gave others their rights, he could waive his own! Cited from There & Back, by George MacDonald
  • I believe they would waive all ceremony, and their father would like it. Cited from Girlhood and Womanhood, by Sarah Tytler
  • He played one minute without scoring before being waived a week later.
  • They also asked the county to waive its right to have any part in it.
  • He played two games and was waived at the end of the season.
  • He was waived soon afterwards, having never played a game for them.
  • Let us waive that question for a moment, and consider our second case. Cited from God and my Neighbour, by Robert Blatchford
  • Such claims may be brought, but no rights are waived if they are not.
  • However, he was once again waived at the end of training camp.
  • Upon leaving he decided to waive the legal rights to the name.
  • He failed to see any playing time and was waived in September.
  • However, he was waived by the team just one week later.
  • He never played for the Magic as he was waived by them two days later.
  • Both parties can also agree within that period to waive their rights.
  • Three years later, it would waive the rule for all schools.
  • And not being able to waive her, perhaps the next best thing is to try to understand her. Cited from Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers, by Elbert Hubbard
  • The court must be satisfied of this before it will allow such waiving.
  • He started the season in New York but was waived after a slow start.
  • They are required to pay their rent, which was waived while they worked.
  • However, he made no appearances for them due to his injuries, and was waived.
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Meaning of waive

  • verb Do without or cease to hold or adhere to
    We are dispensing with formalities, relinquish the old ideas