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  • The magazine is known by its vulgar style used in most of their articles.
  • The more vulgar the movie, the more likely you will make money.
  • More recently the cave has been promoted using its older, more vulgar name.
  • His radio program is famous for vulgar language and is popular with an older audience.
  • Other vulgar words may also be used in this way.
  • Many scenes from the original episode were seen as vulgar and were removed from the television broadcast.
  • I never heard him use any vulgar language on the bench.
  • I don't think a star has any business posing in a vulgar way.
  • The popularity of this vulgar writing grew as the use of writing itself became more widespread.
  • The Christian event is not violent; and its effect are not felt through vulgar power.
  • Throwing the party for himself would have been viewed by his society friends as vulgar.
  • Some features of Vulgar Latin did not appear until the late Empire.
  • The student section is well known for its vulgar chants during games.
  • The song is currently not played because the student body chanted vulgar lyrics during its performance.
  • Classical law was replaced by so-called vulgar law.
  • It was, however, never far from criticism as a foreign, vulgar dance.
  • However, it is usually used as a vulgar adjective especially among the youth.
  • He used a simple, although non-vulgar, literary language.
  • In other words, they accepted a vulgar concept of price.
  • The series had much more vulgar language and content than the films which are lighter in tone.
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