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  • At the same time public interest increased the size of various volunteer groups.
  • It also had a two-man police force and a volunteer fire department.
  • The town has its own police department and a volunteer fire department.
  • The all volunteer fire company was one of the first established in the area.
  • After a short leave he joined the army and volunteered for officer school.
  • The newspaper is developed and produced every other week by community volunteers.
  • The same year a volunteer fire department and community center was constructed.
  • The town has its own police department and volunteer fire department, and has its own public services.
  • Volunteer programs and service learning take many students into the surrounding community.
  • It is run largely by volunteers, including both students and community members.
  • The park has a group of regular volunteers who help the garden staff with their duties.
  • They also donated the land where the volunteer fire department built their station.
  • It has a full-time police department and volunteer fire department.
  • All the members are completely volunteer and live or work in town.
  • This is a non-commercial radio station which is run by volunteers.
  • Instead, individual volunteers work on what they are interested in, or have available.
  • This small village is also complete with a volunteer fire department, and several churches.
  • The community has a volunteer fire station, a first aid station, and a police department.
  • Five hundred volunteers have signed up to watch over military families.
  • A professional police force and volunteer fire department protect the city's residents.
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Meaning of volunteer

  • noun (military) a person who freely enlists for service
  • noun A person who performs voluntary work
  • verb Tell voluntarily
    He volunteered the information
  • verb Agree freely
    She volunteered to drive the old lady home, I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it
  • verb Do volunteer work