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  • Some of them even help out voluntarily so they will not lose their skills.
  • He voluntarily ended his program after station management suggested a change to an educational format.
  • The great majority of young white men voluntarily joined Confederate national or state military units.
  • They came to the area voluntarily to better their lives.
  • A large amount of the playing staff agreed to play voluntarily.
  • They could either ask for a hearing or "voluntarily" return to their native country.
  • The states voluntarily turned over their lands to national control.
  • She took her two sons with her, leaving voluntarily with Still.
  • Without thinking what he was saying, he stated that he had switched sides voluntarily.
  • He can voluntarily give temporary control over a ring to his servants.
  • Several candidates withdrew voluntarily when it became clear that they would not be able to win.
  • Women were not included in the draft, but they could serve voluntarily.
  • After a single two-year term, he left the House voluntarily to resume private law practice.
  • A minister may also ask for time off or resign from his ministry voluntarily.
  • When the left hand grasped an object, she could not voluntarily release it.
  • The potential for free riding exists when people are asked to voluntarily pay for a public good.
  • Other rail lines expressed interest in the project and several rail lines in Scotland voluntarily joined the system.
  • He wasn't invited much on television and voluntarily stayed aside from show-business world.
  • After this, he voluntarily stepped down from leadership, feeling that he had served as leader for long enough.
  • It is also unclear whether the party left voluntarily or were forced to leave.
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Meaning of voluntarily

  • adverb Out of your own free will
    he voluntarily submitted to the fingerprinting