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  • Another example is the fact the characters are visually different from the film.
  • One can visually see that the lines, instead of being white, are colored.
  • It could record sounds visually, but was not meant to play them back.
  • This project started because students at the local middle school wanted to visually grasp how much six million was.
  • His buildings served to communicate, visually, their place in the social order of their culture.
  • Visually showing words is another method Wilson uses to show the beauty of language.
  • It was a body-based approach to mask work, rather than a visually led one.
  • Child windows are usually (but not always) visually contained within their parents.
  • Large and visually unusual sinkholes have been well-known to local people since ancient times.
  • Sometimes I would suggest an idea about making the joke work better visually.
  • It's well acted, well directed and far more interesting visually than most children's films.
  • Additionally, objects can be visually connected in ways such as drawing a line going from each object.
  • All 1970s episodes also exist visually in some form, which is not the case for several other series.
  • As in most countries, cars are identified only by number plates read visually.
  • The height of the hands and feet from the floor and their distance from the mid-line of the body are shown visually.
  • It is one of the most visually prominent mountains in south-east Queensland.
  • It is somewhat visually different from the way it had been depicted in books.
  • Visually, his films are simple and economic, with scenes portrayed as if set on a stage.
  • It has versions that can be used either in a meter or read visually.
  • He had appeared to go out of his way to appear visually like Jim Morrison.
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Meaning of visually

  • adverb With respect to vision
    visually distorted