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  • The visceral need is expressed as the actual information need before it has been expressed.
  • It has also shown some promise in the treatment of visceral pain.
  • Henderson produced most of his work in series connected by a single visceral image.
  • These visceral times Nick has often described as 'the best time of my life'.
  • Still, the new band did not use the old name, and was named "Visceral" instead.
  • Visceral Games had leaked some information about the game including the setting and story.
  • Unlike some related forms, the visceral mass is not sharply set off from the rest of the body.
  • There was this one couple who were so cool, but so visceral and so intense.
  • Instead, the intention was to capture a more natural and visceral sound.
  • In my opinion at least, the most visceral effect on the rest of the world is war, essentially murder.
  • This said, many Americans retained an almost visceral fear of the concept of a central bank as such.
  • The intensity of visceral pain felt has no relationship to the extent of internal injury.
  • For women living alone, ours is an actual visceral fear that starts at the feet.
  • What his listeners experienced on an emotional or visceral level became an end in itself.
  • You can see the bones moving with the limbs, as well as the inner visceral life. Cited from The Dream Doctor, by Arthur B. Reeve
  • Two species of Leishmania are known to give rise to the visceral form of the disease.
  • He blows off steam by playing visceral games and doing bad things to the salespeople.
  • Visceral hemangiosarcoma is usually fatal even with treatment, and usually within weeks or, at best, months.
  • He earned a place in Portuguese literature with his nostalgic and visceral style.
  • The prognosis is usually good in the case of an early treatment if there is no visceral involvement.
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Meaning of visceral

  • adjective Relating to or affecting the viscera
    visceral bleeding, a splanchnic nerve