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  • However the best made examples in top vintages can often live much longer.
  • Both programs feature songs taken from his extensive collection of vintage records.
  • She has released several albums of both her vintage performances and her later recordings.
  • When you are gathering your vintages you will prize me even better. Cited from The Eleven Comedies: Volume 1, Aristophanes
  • It is the first French wine to be released for each vintage year.
  • These sets were all derived from units of second world war vintage.
  • There is also a collection of vintage road vehicles which are operated on selected days.
  • In such cases, a vintage is usually considered less important.
  • They hope to further expand the museum's collection of vintage passenger aircraft.
  • In today's terms, a vintage car is defined the same as a classic.
  • Some of their vintage television appearances have made their way to the popular YouTube website.
  • The Paramount series had limited production numbers, making vintage examples quite rare today.
  • It has been used in many vintage motion pictures, many of the film noir variety.
  • However, these days the game has a large cult following among vintage gamers.
  • Vintage material, though popular with readers, was not the majority of the content.
  • It also saw more great vintages in a single decade than ever before and a new era in other respects.
  • British vintage and classic cars are also in attendance, most having been driven to the event.
  • In another role within the community, the railway has become a focus point for vintage rallies and other special events.
  • A fly-in of vintage aircraft is held each year.
  • Market trend is an important part in the price of a vintage car.
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  • noun A season's yield of wine from a vineyard
  • noun The oldness of wines