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  • Who is here so vile that will not love his country? Cited from Best of the World's Classics...Prose, Vol. III, Great Britain & Ireland
  • The more we know that she is real, the more we know that she is vile. Cited from George Bernard Shaw, by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  • It required but a leader now to set the vile work going. Cited from Wild Bill's Last Trail, by Ned Buntline
  • Where shall I find a name vile enough to call thee by? Cited from Short Stories of Various Types, ed. by Laura F. Freck
  • I know that I should honor myself much more if I left this vile place. Cited from The Nabob, Volume 1 (of 2), by Alphonse Daudet
  • So they told them, saying, Thus shall it be with the vile person.
  • They will not come to good but will come to a vile virtue.
  • Wayne has never done a thing so vile as that in all his life. Cited from The Short Cut, by Jackson Gregory
  • They were nothing, she said, to what she had suffered already from the vilest of all men. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 7, by Samuel Richardson
  • The contemporary English novel is perhaps the vilest thing that has yet appeared on this earth. Cited from Our Lady Saint Mary, by J. G. H. Barry
  • I am out of all patience with this vile world, for one thing. Cited from Complete Works of Robert Burns, by Robert Burns and Allan Cunningham
  • Of the vile food they placed before me, I could eat nothing except the bread. Cited from Rabbi and Priest, by Milton Goldsmith
  • Is it not time for all to rise above such vile influences as these?
  • It was also one of the vilest and most dangerous places in the city. Cited from Adventures of Uncle Jeremiah at the Great Fair, by C. M. Stevens
  • He could not have treated the vilest woman in such a manner. Cited from Rest Harrow, By Maurice Hewlett
  • The life would be shown to be a vile one, not without a side shot at your better fortune. Cited from Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition, by R.L. Stevenson
  • They are set free now, after three years and eight months in durance vile.
  • In the same way, to talk to a child about an adult is vile. Cited from Fantasia of the Unconscious, by D. H. Lawrence
  • His vile mother has also disappeared, in search of her son. Cited from Eventide, by Effie Afton
  • Vile departed shortly after its release to focus on his solo career.
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