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  • Because of these attacks it was thought best to carry on the war more vigorously.
  • He had such talent, he could find things inside a song and vigorously develop them.
  • She worked vigorously to put an end to child labor and to provide safety for women workers.
  • Paul trained vigorously and entered the tournament to prove himself once more.
  • Songs from these albums spread vigorously throughout different radio and TV stations as they won many music awards.
  • The vigorously growing tree can bear heavy crops of fruit once or twice a year.
  • At first introduction to Europe, the plants grew vigorously but produced no fruit.
  • He continued to work vigorously as a physician until his death.
  • Henry fell in love with the book and vigorously pursued the rights.
  • A number of issues around the artist's book have been vigorously debated.
  • He was chairman of the committee on civil service, and vigorously promoted civil service reform legislation.
  • He vigorously organized national defense and the continued manufacture of war equipment.
  • Despite his advanced age, he defended vigorously the rights of his diocese.
  • He saw the importance of trade and promoted it vigorously.
  • When captured, they will strike readily and struggle vigorously in the hand.
  • Black must also play vigorously because passive play will be crushed by the White centre.
  • This would have been difficult to correct if the attack on that flank had been vigorously carried out.
  • Shapira defended his collection vigorously until his rivals presented more evidence against them.
  • He began to do it too vigorously, and brushed the inside wall.
  • A "bed in shed" has recently appeared and is being vigorously opposed by the local community.
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Meaning of vigorously

  • adverb With vigor; in a vigorous manner
    he defended his ideas vigorously