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  • His first five years' administration of the islands was vigorous and successful.
  • These skills would serve him well in the vigorous film roles he would go on to play.
  • A lot of vigorous literature has grown up around the relation between these views.
  • He therefore defended himself in court in both cases in a far less than vigorous fashion.
  • It is vigorous and easily grown and does well in sun.
  • John was just as vigorous in his activities in Western Europe.
  • Despite the small number of speakers, language use is vigorous, with most children learning it.
  • His vigorous public works program also met with strong approval by the colonists.
  • They are generally more vigorous and also more uniform than the earlier double-cross hybrids.
  • Vigorous trees will produce large crops on a nearly annual basis.
  • It is not as vigorous or as easy to grow as the wild form.
  • The water, running to the valley down below, is very vigorous during the rainy months.
  • His vigorous role in this mass movement led him to join the Communists.
  • In preparing such an article vigorous rules for scientific writing have to be followed.
  • This may be followed by a period of more vigorous exercises, designed to open of the body.
  • At another extreme other species have vigorous green leaves.
  • Also, the more vigorous the display is, the better the food.
  • Allowing this form of reproduction often results in the loss of the more vigorous division.
  • The allies again failed to make a vigorous attack on the British forces in the Channel.
  • Northern schools tend to be more vigorous in technique than Southern schools.
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