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  • With such an army we shall be able to complete victoriously the rest of our difficult task. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, Mar 1915, V. 1, No. 2
  • Big changes were still necessary if the war was to be brought to an end victoriously and rapidly. Cited from Lloyd George, by Frank Dilnot
  • He was mounted on a fine black war horse, who had carried his master victoriously through many charges before today. Cited from In the Days of Chivalry, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • The strength of his character was unusual and would bear victoriously very severe tests. Cited from Forty Years in South China, by Rev. John Gerardus Fagg
  • The terrible war can not and must not end otherwise than victoriously for us and our allies. Cited from New York Times Current History; The European War, Apr 1915, V. 2, No. 1
  • He crammed his energy into his idea of the part, to carry it forward victoriously. Cited from The Tragic Comedians by G. Meredith, v2
  • Serve all parties patiently for a while, and command them victoriously at last? Cited from The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol. I, Part E, by David Hume
  • But if he who was to be the ruin of his country had returned, he had come victoriously. Cited from The Children's Hour, Volume 3 (of 10), by Various
  • The report of the second meeting was destined to answer these questions victoriously. Cited from The Moon-Voyage, by Jules Verne
  • Thus the first stage of the struggle for a settlement by consent was victoriously carried. Cited from Ireland Since Parnell, by Daniel Desmond Sheehan
  • He might have fought victoriously, but he desired to negotiate, as he was running short of international support.
  • If he leaves the enforcement of the law even for a moment, it is only to establish it more victoriously. Cited from Matthew Arnold, by G.W.E. Russell
  • Put wisdom in the head of the world, the world will fight its battle victoriously, and be the best world man can make it. Cited from Sartor Resartus, and On Heroes, by Thomas Carlyle
  • Next morning he rode his hired beast in the park victoriously. Cited from A Diversity of Creatures, by Rudyard Kipling
  • Upon this, being yet further animated, they joined battle, and victoriously slaying eight thousand men, took the camp. Cited from Plutarch's Lives, A. H. Clough,
  • Will the Saint triumph -- will love victoriously claim its own? Cited from The Saint, by Antonio Fogazzaro
  • Not many days passed before our infantry were put to the test which the cavalry had so victoriously undergone. Cited from History of Modern Europe 1792-1878, by C. A. Fyffe
  • No one will object because the "Good Fight" terminates victoriously in the right direction. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 29, Mar, 1860
  • And as a strong faith is always superior to a doubtful faith, they victoriously faced all Europe. Cited from The Psychology of Revolution, Gustave le Bon
  • I suppose she read the admission in my face, for hers lit up victoriously. Cited from The Descent Of Man & Other Stories,Wharton
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Meaning of victoriously

  • adverb In a victorious manner
    Virginia had defended her land victoriously