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  • We then see the fight itself, where he comes out victorious in a short match.
  • When he was carried back to camp still living, he asked which side was victorious.
  • The government also named schools and a museum in honour of the victorious general.
  • Looting by a victorious army during war has been common practice throughout recorded history.
  • Thus, he kept his promise that he would return only as a soldier in the victorious army.
  • Then each player will twist their character and the person with the highest number is victorious.
  • The league champion won the first four games before the all-stars were victorious in the final game of this early series.
  • Twice the media declared her defeated on election night only for her to emerge victorious the next day.
  • Henry's forces were victorious and he went on to lay siege to Paris.
  • However, four years later, he was victorious in his election for secretary of state, an office he held for twelve years.
  • Once arrived, they must battle for territory with those already there, and pairs or families are usually victorious.
  • Russia had not expected that Japan would be victorious against China.
  • The paintings show the story of a single battle and its victorious outcome.
  • On the following morning the victorious federal troops entered the city unopposed.
  • Once a war has ended, losing nations are sometimes required to pay war reparations to the victorious nations.
  • Although the Union forces were victorious, they were later forced to retreat for lack of supplies.
  • However in the end, the US came out victorious.
  • The warrior who was victorious on this final day would at last take the maiden.
  • In his final election campaign he was victorious, defeating the Labour Group Leader.
  • The Masters realize that if they are not victorious soon, they will be defeated.
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