very close friends

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  • It is as if she had met a very close friend. Cited from A Thousand and One Afternoons in Chicago, B. Hecht
  • This event is only known to very close friends and family who own the winning horse.
  • They were close in age and were very close friends during their childhood.
  • The two of them became very close friends after that.
  • He was nevertheless popular and acquired many very close friends in the chamber.
  • After this, both become very close friends, but great enemies at the same time.
  • They remained very close friends and continued writing with Chris into their next release.
  • All of them became very close friends and their friendship lasted till the end.
  • They do not make calls together except on relatives or very close friends. Cited from Mother's Remedies, by T. J. Ritter
  • I asked him if I could cut it which he was glad - we were very close friends.
  • From that point they become very close friends.
  • "During the period of time these songs were written two very close friends took their own lives."
  • A life partner is a romantic or otherwise very close friend for life.
  • The two become very close friends, even though both are bullied due to race.
  • When the two men eventually met each other the dispute was settled and they soon became very close friends.
  • He was a very close friend of over the years with many individuals he met in the course of his career.
  • They grow up together as very close friends.
  • "Do you think you could become very close friends?" Cited from The Lever, by William Dana Orcutt
  • The two men became very close friends and much of what is known about Green is known from their letters.
  • Subsequently, they became very close friends in the House.
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