very close bond

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  • After that, the two form a very close bond, with Jim ending up living with the Jones family.
  • Luke in turn looks to see himself in Lucky, and the two have a very close bond.
  • She no longer saw her father and formed a very close bond with her mother, who came to live in California after Bacall became a movie star.
  • It must be a very close bond, Orsino thought. Cited from Don Orsino, by F. Marion Crawford
  • As a result Nikita and Alex share a very close bond that is always being tested.
  • Maria Carolina formed a very close bond with her youngest sister, Maria Antonia.
  • Between them there had never been any very close bond of sympathy -- such, for instance, as always had existed between Phil and his aunt. Cited from Every Man for Himself, by Hopkins Moorhouse
  • She was nine years older than he, and they developed a very close bond that was one of the few steady relationships in Weston's life.
  • Phoebe and Chuck have a very close bond throughout the show, and she considers him more of a son than a grandson.
  • The town of Jericho has a very close bond with the town of Underhill, Vermont.
  • They gradually overcome his father leaving and foster a very close bond with important rituals and routines, including making a collage with beach debris.
  • Most of these young professionals are based in Pretoria and they keep a very close bond, as evidenced by their frequent get-together in the big city or in the village for special occasions.
  • Maruani had a very close bond to his father, who he began helping administer a fashion business called OOS Fashion Ltd when he was 18.
  • Princess Cassandra - Also known as Evanlyn, Cassandra was captured along with Will by Skandians and they formed a very close bond whilst trying to escape them.
  • Yuvakudu is the story of a free spirited college student, Siva (Sumanth), who shares a very close bond with his mother, played by Jayasudha.
  • Of themselves, these two convictions do not constitute any very close bond of union, and both beliefs need to be defined and enforced by the sense of sin and the consciousness of God which the West has learned from Jesus. Cited from The Unity of Civilization, by Various, Ed. by F.S. Marvin
  • Cecil and Phyllis had a very close bond, and he was very much in love with her, so much so, they when she passed away in 1956, he set up a Charitable Trust in her name; the Phyllis Trust.
  • Davidge and Zammis form a very close bond, and the young Drac loves Davidge as any sentient child loves a parent, despite referring to Davidge as "uncle".