very ample

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  • Such has certainly been the result of my own very ample experience. Cited from Fat and Blood, by S. Weir Mitchell
  • Of his private life her information had not been very ample. Cited from Quisante, by Anthony Hope
  • Those instructions are very ample, and I shall give you only the most material. Cited from The Works of John Dryden, Volume 16 (of 18), ed. by Walter Scott
  • This was very ample, and the large provision made for her included the London house. Cited from The Path Of Duty, by Henry James
  • Here is opened a new field, and certainly a very ample one, for exertions. Cited from Thirty Years With The Indian Tribes, by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
  • The first stage of the answer is very ample. Cited from Supply and Demand, by Hubert D. Henderson
  • Their works were not many, nor were their minds of very ample comprehension. Cited from Lives of the Poets, Vol. 1, by Samuel Johnson
  • But still the gold exists in a very ample degree. Cited from Nightmare Abbey, by Thomas Love Peacock
  • An ample line bundle is one such that some positive power is very ample.
  • But Murray has in general allowed himself very ample room, especially in his two octavoes. Cited from The Grammar of English Grammars, by Goold Brown
  • In general, a line bundle is called ample if some power of it is very ample.
  • My husband's pay is not very ample, and we are not able to permit ourselves luxuries. Cited from The Darling and Other Stories, by Anton Chekhov
  • Some of such persons offered to endow their house, and others to contribute very ample alms. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 21, Ed. by Blair & Robertson
  • It is an archaeological site, with united very ample seats.
  • Besides, the presence of what was obviously a very ample escort somewhat reassured them. Cited from Havoc, by E. Philips Oppenheim
  • Our food allowance seems to be very ample, and if we go on as at present we shall thrive amazingly. Cited from Scott's Last Expedition Volume I, by Captain R. F. Scott
  • He was pleased to grant my request, and at the same time to give me a very ample testimony of his approbation. Cited from The Letters of the Younger Pliny, various, Vol. 1
  • Providence has seen it necessary to make very ample provision for the preservation and utmost possible extension of all species. Cited from Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
  • He had a very ample opportunity of studying it, for nearly a quarter of an hour elapsed before he was disturbed. Cited from Sketches, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • Indeed, with the fish and some mandioca porridge alone, we could have managed to make a very ample meal. Cited from On the Banks of the Amazon, by W.H.G. Kingston
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