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  • Under the light it was no longer black but a very deep green. Cited from The Drums Of Jeopardy, by Harold MacGrath
  • And it all came from his being so very good-looking! Cited from The Torrents of Spring, by Ivan Turgenev
  • He was very good-looking, each of the girls was thinking to herself. Cited from The Motor Girls, by Margaret Penrose
  • People of this district are known to be very hard working.
  • Many parties are established immediately prior to an election and most are very short-lived.
  • You are really very fine looking when it is not there. Cited from Cousin Maude, by Mary J. Holmes
  • The station signed on with a very-short-lived country music format.
  • Some of these language communities are very small but their numbers are increasing.
  • I am twenty-two years old, very ordinary looking and not a social success. Cited from The Girl and Her Religion, by Margaret Slattery
  • Very often another, working towards the same goal, has arrived there first.
  • The children of Japan are very strange looking, not at all like you. Cited from Big People and Little People of Other Lands, by Edward R. Shaw
  • She was younger than myself -- at least ten years, and very good-looking. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
  • In any case, it seems to have been very short-lived.
  • As for the marriage itself, it was a failure from the very start.
  • He has said he was very self-conscious of his production on the album.
  • She was very hard working and always ready to help.
  • The call to arms was given at a very critical period.
  • I must say that he was a very ordinary-looking individual. Cited from The Old Man in the Corner, by Baroness Orczy
  • Island Life was considered a very important work at the time of its publication.
  • It represented a very fine looking fellow, indeed, and not a day more than thirty. Cited from The Little White Bird, by J.M. Barrie
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Meaning of very

  • adverb Used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal
    she was very gifted, he played very well, a really enjoyable evening, I'm real sorry about it, a rattling good yarn
  • adverb Precisely so
    on the very next page, he expected the very opposite