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  • There was also a black-and-white version of this film available.
  • The re-recorded version was also a number-one single that year.
  • It is not clear if this version of events was known earlier.
  • This is the first non-English-language version of the show to air.
  • An English-language version of the television series has yet to be produced.
  • This, however, is the best-known version and is the one given below.
  • When the new version appears to work, it is written over the previous version.
  • A Feature-length version of this award winning short-film is in development.
  • To date, the full-length version of the original film has not been re-released.
  • This was the re-recorded version and featured a full band.
  • The rest of the rules are nearly the same as those of the original version.
  • A full feature length version of the film has been completed.
  • However, the album contains a completely re-recorded version of the song.
  • The album features re-recorded versions of earlier material as well as two new songs.
  • It is the best-known version of the song in the United States.
  • Almost half of the album is re-recorded versions of songs they had previously released.
  • The song in its full length version was added to the on in mid-June.
  • Though not the full-length version, it is notably longer at seven minutes.
  • There were at least nine different foreign language versions of the film.
  • Each language had its own name for the local version.
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Meaning of version

  • noun An interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint
    his version of the fight was different from mine
  • noun Something a little different from others of the same type
    an experimental version of the night fighter, a variant of the same word, an emery wheel is the modern variation of a grindstone, the boy is a younger edition of his father
  • noun Manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)