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  • More records have been produced to verify her age than in any other case.
  • She died more than three years later without verifying the will.
  • He also gave a test for verifying this property in any number.
  • Due to the lack of written records, specific numbers are hard to verify.
  • We are not concerned with any so-called knowledge that cannot be verified by experience.
  • More studies need to be performed in order to verify this effect.
  • They write small pieces, one line at a time, verifying that the small pieces work.
  • Only a small part of what is said can be verified.
  • A few days later she received a letter verifying her dream. Cited from The Secret of Dreams, by Yacki Raizizun
  • There is no evidence available to verify the dates of these three plays.
  • After verifying her cover story, they quickly accept her into their ranks.
  • The first is that all natural facts include all facts that science would verify.
  • He was occasionally asked to verify stories or information that various members of the press had heard.
  • These men observed him writing and verified his simple life.
  • Claims of success are made by both sides, but they are impossible to verify.
  • This would be the greatest verified age ever known for a bird.
  • They next flew over corps headquarters and dropped another note verifying their radio communication.
  • A second count was done and the results were verified the same as the first.
  • If the claim is verified or the draw offer accepted, the game is over.
  • This story, though often told in the area, has not been historically verified.
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Meaning of verify

  • verb Confirm the truth of
    Please verify that the doors are closed, verify a claim
  • verb Attach or append a legal verification to (a pleading or petition)