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  • Positive science cannot follow us in this step, because science is limited to the verifiable. Cited from The Breath of Life, by John Burroughs
  • No verifiable records are found about him after his capture/escape.
  • Unless these are verifiable I leave them to the care of others, and pass on. Cited from Richard Wagner, Composter of Operas, by John F. Runciman
  • There have been no independent, third party, international verifiable reports whether a temple was destroyed or not.
  • Please keep in mind that all information you had has to be based on verifiable sources.
  • However, these claims could not be supported by any verifiable records.
  • An example event is a political election, which is almost always settled in a well-defined and verifiable manner.
  • Each addition to the list must provide a reliable verifiable source otherwise it will be removed.
  • Indeed this is not a matter of critical opinion, but of verifiable fact. Cited from Alfred Tennyson, by Andrew Lang
  • In addition, new characters are added that have no verifiable real-life counterpart.
  • Therefore, for them, the use of the term is still verifiable.
  • In football, it is common amongst players belonging to nations where records are not easily verifiable.
  • Unfortunately, their efforts were limited by a lack of resources and verifiable information.
  • This leads to the issue of whether a particular translation could be considered verifiable.
  • This is information that, though provided by the user, contains easily verifiable facts.
  • This is a list only of ones mentioned in verifiable mainstream media sources.
  • To be of any value a claim to any property must be accompanied by a verifiable and legal property description.
  • How can or should we prove economic theories - for example, must every economic theory be empirically verifiable?
  • There is growing concern, however, over the lack of verifiable progress towards meeting the organization's stated goals.
  • Users must have a verifiable e-mail address before they can begin to interact with other members.
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