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  • Though good-looking he was anything but young, verging by appearance on fifty years. Cited from Mr. Scarborough's Family, by Anthony Trollope
  • They were to the verge of the law but fell far short of the present act.
  • I said these things to myself over and over again, while the night was fast verging toward day. Cited from The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol. 2, by Warner
  • Once more, it appears that the families are on the verge of all-out war.
  • On the verge of giving up, a new idea came to him.
  • During part of the talk she seems to be on the verge of tears.
  • Our story is verging to its close, and we have space for only a last incident. Cited from The Bastonnais, by John Lesperance
  • This was the verge, which extended for twelve miles around the king's court.
  • Now he seemed to be verging off to the right hand. Cited from Manco, the Peruvian Chief, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • She is now all grown up and on the verge of starting her career as a doctor, like her father.
  • And it is now verging to the close of the summer's day. Cited from Life of Bunyan, by James Hamilton
  • The discovery of the station and its ships allow humanity to verge into deep space.
  • They spoke as they ran on, verging always to the right. Cited from Paul Gerrard, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • To me it is plain that all things are verging towards a change, when all shall be of one opinion. Cited from Speeches from the Dock, Part I, by Various
  • It certainly seemed as though things were verging towards such a necessity. Cited from Chateau of Prince Polignac, by Anthony Trollope 20
  • March, meanwhile, was verging on April, and still he did not speak of leaving. Cited from The Custom of the Country, by Edith Wharton
  • Many of his stories verge on the dream-like, while other are closer to science-fiction.
  • By now the island was on the verge of civil war.
  • The friends happened to be as nearly as possible of an age, which was verging to twenty-six. Cited from Born In Exile, By George Gissing
  • When he fell very ill and appeared to be on the verge of death, they therefore committed suicide.
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Meaning of verge

  • noun The limit beyond which something happens or changes
    on the verge of tears, on the brink of bankruptcy
  • noun A grass border along a road
  • verb Border on; come close to
    His behavior verges on the criminal