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  • Info Vary is a village in Zakarpattia Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. more...
  • Common names are given but may vary, as they have no set meaning.
  • The particular powers held by the prime minister and president vary by country.
  • The structure of the heart can vary among the different animal species.
  • Rules about where and when persons can marry vary from place to place.
  • The main job titles within the industry can vary and are often country specific.
  • They vary in size from just big enough for two people to large enough to carry thirty.
  • The number of matches in Test series has varied from one to seven.
  • The accounts of how he came to power vary somewhat in minor points.
  • This cross-section may vary along the length of the boat.
  • The local landscape has long been known for its varied natural beauty.
  • This makes it the most varied newspaper in terms of political support in British history.
  • This could vary by as much as two weeks before or after the start of February.
  • Frequently used names or words were varied as much as possible.
  • The importance of these food sources varies from species to species and family to family.
  • As such, the stories about her are varied enough that they may actually be about several different characters.
  • The water flow in a stream can vary widely from season to season.
  • The extent of progress in meeting reform goals has varied across these areas.
  • Their number varied throughout Roman history, but eventually reached twenty-four.
  • It was played throughout the country in varying forms and is still to be found in some areas.
  • The concept always remained the same, but the subject matter varied greatly.
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Meaning of vary

  • verb Be subject to change in accordance with a variable
    Prices vary, His moods vary depending on the weather
  • verb Make something more diverse and varied
    Vary the menu