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  • The names of his characters were given to a variety of products.
  • Energy can be transferred between systems in a variety of ways.
  • The first models were built in a variety of military-based equipment and versions.
  • There is a greater variety of Spanish names for the language.
  • It can be prepared and presented in a variety of ways.
  • However, in later years numerous films were produced on a variety of themes.
  • Its season immediately follows that of the last-named variety. Cited from The Field and Garden Vegetables of America, by Fearing Burr
  • These gardens displayed a wide variety of flowers in a rather small space.
  • Where no size is given, it is because there is too much variety to call a typical size.
  • Most varieties of a particular species are either winter or spring types.
  • These devices are used in a variety of commercial and military applications.
  • He played a variety of positions on the basketball court from center to shooting guard.
  • But several other nations also began to develop a standard variety in the 16th century.
  • In the Middle Ages the sea was known by variety of names.
  • It is designed so that one person may taste a variety of different dishes.
  • This has made possible to include all four varieties into a new grammar book.
  • First, she appreciated the variety of ideas he had used for earlier projects.
  • Here we have the true type of an ever-sporting variety. Cited from Species and Varieties, by Hugo DeVries
  • Sports in Canada consists of a variety of games.
  • In the past, a wider variety of cold-start methods were used.
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Meaning of variety

  • noun (biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics
    varieties are frequently recognized in botany
  • noun A difference that is usually pleasant
    he goes to France for variety, it is a refreshing change to meet a woman mechanic