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  • He defeated them so utterly the third time, that they entered into a peace treaty.
  • However, the film's release date turned out to utterly destroy its value.
  • He responds that he has no history because he has spent his life utterly alone.
  • He made his players believe they could win, even when the cause looked utterly hopeless.
  • An extremely educated man for his day, he utterly believed in what he was doing.
  • He then ordered his soldiers to make wooden clubs, and the enemy was utterly defeated.
  • Along with whole streets in the city centre, many important historic buildings were largely or utterly destroyed.
  • You could believe in him utterly, apart from the fact that the voice itself was very, very beautiful.
  • He did not have one at that moment and he felt utterly disappointed.
  • We call those men rebels and utterly abandoned, whom we ourselves have forced into crime.
  • The novel chronicles the way they became utterly joined in body, mind, and purpose.
  • Also, he knows how to use all his equipment precisely and utterly.
  • M's personal assistant is utterly dedicated to her work, which means she has little time for a social life.
  • Although Fabian eventually took over the leadership over the movement, he utterly failed.
  • In this show they used to present short and utterly crazy plays.
  • It didn't -- but it did show how utterly confused the situation was.
  • We have not always followed our light, but we have never been utterly faithless to it.
  • Utterly unable to control the situation, the city asked for help from the United States Army.
  • This only increased his hostility toward the other cats and made him feel utterly alone.
  • The village itself was utterly destroyed, and nobody ever came to settle it again.
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